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After proclaiming independence of Republic Croatia on 30. May 1991. HPT (Hrvatska pošta i telekomunikacije) installed public telephone booths. To make better offer to turists in summer 1991. in coastal region are installed telephone booths and cards of GPT company from Great Britian. On back side of cards was magnetic track with number of impulses.

In continental Croatia are installed telephone booths of Spanish producer AMPER and phonecards of French company GEMPULS with metal plate with contacts, under which was chip.

In spring 1994. HPT makes unique system of public telephone booths and chip phonecards in all Croatia.

In 1999. comes to seperation of HPT in two companies: HP (Hrvatska pošta) and HT (Hrvatske telekomunikacije). So from 1999. on cards is logo of HT.

In November 2000. Hrvatske telekomunikacije changed name in Hrvatski Telekom and logo on cards is orange.
From October 2002. value of cards are expressed in kuna (Croatian currency) instead of impulses.

In October 2004. Hrvatski Telekom changed name in T HT (T Hrvatski Telekom). So now logo on cards is T Hrvatski Telekom.

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